Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 36

Transfer News: Sister Snyder and I are staying in Union! I guess that President Morgan thinks that we are doing something well, if he wants us to stay together! :) It was a nice surprise. My address for anyone who doesn't know:

114 Delmar
Union, Mo 63084

We had a great lesson with one of our investigators, Larry. He likes to question a lot of things but we watched the restoration dvd with him and i think it really helped answer a lot of his questions. I have seen that video it seems like 100 times but I still feel the spirit every time. 

We also went to visit one of our former investigators. We ended up reading the introduction to the Book of Mormon on his front porch. It is so interesting to read the book of Mormon out in the open where others can see. 

We had our last District meeting with this District and sister Snyder made cupcakes for it Yummy! It was a good last district meeting. We took some fun pictures too. 

Sister Kinnard gave us a referral of one of her neighbors. Her name is Linda and we introduced ourselves and she was excited to see us. She even asked for a Book of Mormon!! Who does that? Haha we set up a return appointment and I hope that it goes well.

Friday we went to see Lisa and Gracie before their baptism the next day but they weren't there. We found out that Lisa's mom was in the hospital. Sister Snyder and I immediately knew that Satan was going to throw more things in their path to keep them from getting baptized. All we could do that night was pray that Heavenly Father would take it into His hands. We had done our part as missionaries and i felt like I could trust that hope in God. The next day we still didn't really hear from them. We knew that they were going to try and make it and so we made the preparations. We went to the chapel and got everything set up. We waited and waited for them to come. We found out that they were in heavy traffic coming from St. Louis. Sister Snyder and I were going crazy. We would look at the clock, out the window then back at the clock and realize it had only been 3 minutes. They ended up making it 15 minutes late. We took them to the back so they could change into their jumpsuits. Gracie was funny. She thought that the zipper went in the back so she put in on backwards and then came out asking her mom to zip her up. Haha :) they looked so great in their white outfits. I liked seeing Elder Beaman in his white too. I will admit that sometimes he can be annoying but seeing him in white reminded me of the importance and the blessing of the Melchizedek priesthood. It was really cool because this was his first baptism. He used to be Catholic and converted about a couple years ago. I'm sure he was nervous and excited to see how far he has come. the program went well. Sister Snyder and I were in the back of the font holding towels for them as they came out. Lisa looked so good!!! as she came out of the water she was grinning from ear to ear. Gracie was excited too. They said it was amazing and they felt so good. I think that I really felt the power of the Holy Spirit of Promise there. It was a deep and comforting feeling. We took them to get changed and sister Snyder and I gave each other a huge hug. We came back out and sister Snyder gave a beautiful talk on the Holy Ghost. then we both sang the song: when i am baptized. i played the ukulele and it was fun! The bishop gave some inspiring words and it was sooo great!!!!!! i loved it. 

Sunday came and Lisa and Gracie were late again. Haha Satan has really been in their way. they have had to deal with so much. And they are going to be evicted from their trailer on Monday. So they have had to not only prepare for baptism but pack in the process. But Satan can't stop the work of God. they were confirmed in Sacrament meeting and I was sooooo happy to see them walk up to the front. Gracie practically ran up there. Again I am soooo grateful for the Priesthood and the blessing it is to have the means to perform ETERNAL ordinances. This church is TRUE. It is REAL. His work is WONDERFUL. 

To seal the deal I saw a full rainbow later that day. I saw the whole thing from end to end. I followed it for several minutes as I was in the car. I know it is silly but I couldn't help but think that Heavenly Father was smiling down upon Lisa and Gracie as they made the decision to get baptized. I know that Heavenly father, without a doubt carried them through this journey. There is no way that we could have done this work without HIM. I feel like i really didn't do anything. I just got a front row seat at seeing the spirit work in the lives of others. 

"The Lord's work is work but it is sweet labor." -Elder Cook
Camera timers are hard to get right!

The Donner's bunny named Caramel

The box I made for my mini scriptures!
It's official! The Donner's are baptized!!

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