Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 27

Wow! This week was wonderful. Each day had a highlight to it. There have been some crazy storms this week. It will be interesting how tornado season will pan out. There are some nights where sister Nordstrom and I will open the blinds to our porch and watch and listen to the thunder and lightning. 

Monday we had a lesson with Minnie. She brightens up my day. I love her so much. She has had a hard time coming to church. She said that her family doesn't want her to go to our church because they feel like they are losing her. She said that she cannot deny her testimony though. She is so strong in what she knows. When we met with her she had read nearly all of 1 Nephi!! She didn't end up coming to church but I am hoping that we will be able to help her tonight. We are going to have a member come with us so she can meet more people.

Wednesday we picked up one of our former investigators. She has been super busy with her work so hopefully we can meet with her again on a regular basis. We decided to drop by and we dropped by on the one day that she had off in 2 weeks. it was definitely the spirit. 

Thursday we had a wonderful lesson with Tanya. We went over the importance of baptism and confirmation and also over a bunch of other commandments. We ended up talking for almost 2 hours. She just kept asking great questions and wanted to learn. She says that she feels like she has been led to the Mormon church and she wants more happiness in her life. She even said joining the church may ruin her marriage but that what the church has to offer is so much more important. it was amazing to hear her testimony. We asked her to pray during the lesson and ask God about being baptized. After the prayer she was so overwhelmed and happy. She said she almost cried during the prayer she was so happy. It was really neat to see that experience. I love teaching her. We are going to see her today and Thursday. I hope that all goes well.
Friday was exchanges. I went to Springfield with Sister Biddle and Sister Herdman went to Champaign with Sister Nordstrom. My favorite moment was when we went to visit a less active member named Linda. She was baptized about 5 years ago but she has struggled ever since. She has had many health problems and she has picked up smoking again. Most of the lesson was spent listening to her pour out her  sorrows and how much she is desperate to get back to church. We gave her the stop smoking program and she was so grateful. Before we left, she broke down crying and as she hugged Sister Biddle she said "You don't know how much you ladies are saving my life." It was so touching to hear her say that. I love when people really understand the importance of the gospel and see how it can make their life better. 

Saturday there was a women's conference. They gave us lunch and then we went into the chapel to listen to Brother Brinley. He is a mission president in Nauvoo. I think he was  a counselor or professor at BYU at one point too. He focused on the importance of marriage and family. He showed some statistics and went over the importance of marriage in the plan of salvation. It was really neat how he showed the purpose of having a strong marriage. I loved it. Later, the Holmes family took us out to dinner. It was really good. They even took us out for ice cream afterwards. the members in this ward are so great.
Sunday was wonderful. The testimonies that were shared were great. Sister Williamson went up and shared her testimony of missionary work. She comes out with us to many lessons and it was so great to hear how much she loves missionary work. She was like our personal advertisement to get more members involved in missionary work. :)

Thank you everyone for all your love and support. Love you all!!!!!!!!!!

There is a huge mural of President Lincoln in Springfield. It is a pretty awesome work of art

We went to Custard Cup during our dinner hour. You can see the two huge lines out both doors. It is the best Custard!!!!!! yum!

This is Virginia. She is one of the most amazing recent converts. She has been in and out of the hospital but still has a smile on her face. She is preparing to go to the temple to receive her endowments by the end of this month.
Sister Nordstrom and Sister Herdman on exchanges

These trees are everywhere here! I love them.

Can you guess which apartment is ours? Look closely!!

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