Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 29

This week has been great! We have seen many small miracles throughout the whole week. Monday we were able to pick up one of our former investigators again. It was a blessing. Right at the end of the day we decided to drop by and she was so happy to see us. 

Tuesday we had dinner with a young family. They are so missionary minded. We shared a thought about missionary work after dinner and without being asked, they started to make a list of neighbors and friends that they want to share the gospel with. They gave us a list of them as well so that we can pray for them too. It was a great moment that touched me. For so many people it seems like sharing the gospel is a burden or a scary thing. But I love seeing those people who understand the call of missionary work. Being members of this church, we are obligated to share this wonderful gift. It doesn't have to be scary or hard. JUST DO IT! And the best part is that we will have the Lord on our side to help. He will bring the spirit, He will verify your words, He will help you know what to say. Just share the gospel, and the blessings will flow.

On Wednesday we spent about 7 hours in the car. In the morning, we went to District Meeting and it was so great. We talked about the importance of missionary work and having courage. After the meeting, we drove to St. Louis for a doctor appointment for Sister Nordstrom. It was a long drive full of road construction, but it was good. We didn't get home until 9 pm. We had to go to St. Louis because there is a doctor there that will meet specifically with missionaries. He is such a wonderful man. He will even meet after hours for missionaries. 

Thursday we had a great lesson with Tanya. We went over the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she took it all in. She is hesitant to set a date for her baptism but she is strong in her commitment to keep learning. She is great.

Friday we had dinner with the Randall's. We had duck for dinner. It wasn't too bad. I was surprised. They are such a great family. They always feed us almost every week. I love them. 

Saturday we were able to do a lot of tracting. We even met the  husband of one of the potential investigators we met the week prior. HE seemed interested and I shared a Book of Mormon with him. He was grateful for it and said he was looking forward to our appointment next week. he and his wife have been meeting with Jehovah Witnesses. Hopefully we can change that . . . . . :)

Saturday was also the day that Virginia went to the temple for her endowments!! It was an all day event because the St, Louis temple is 3 hours away. there were many members of the ward that went to support her and we went over to her house that night to see what she thought. She said that if she could sum up the whole experience in one word, it would be JOY. The bishop had her share her testimony at church the next day. Vriginia is a beautiful example of what it means to fully embrace the gospel. She lets nothing get in her way and I love seeing the support that the ward gives her. You can't help but love her. 

I am also grateful for the example of Brother Winkler. He is a member of the bishopric and he is a perfect example of charity. He will pick up Virginia to take her to church every single week. I love seeing him push her wheelchair into her spot in the front left corner of the chapel. He always has a smile on his face and he goes above and beyond to reach out to members in love. 

Love you all! I should be getting transfer call this Saturday. I will find out if I will be leaving or staying. Don't send me anything until I let you know of any changes that will happen. If I leave, I will let you know of my new address as soon as I can. Love you all!!

Here are a couple of pictures from our drive to St Louis. I have gotten accustomed to seeing the wide open fields. I love seeing the clouds go on forever.

There are some people who get really into their religion here. This cross stands at least 100 feet tall off the side of the freeway.

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