Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 31

New Adventures await!!! This week has been so great! There have been a lot of changes but they are good. I am in Union now with Sister Snyder! I love her to death! She is so great and i am really looking forward to serving with her. 

this is my new address:
114 Delmar
Union, MO 63084
send me something! haha :)

transfers went well. Sister Holmes drove us all the way to St. Louis. The transfer meeting was good. it was nice to see all my mission friends. We got 2 new elders and 1 new sister into the mission. :( there should be so much more than that. Hopefully during the summer we will see more missionaries come in. 

This new area is fun. It is pretty close to my first area so there are a lot of things that remind me of it. We live in a little duplex and we have a basement. It is unfinished but it might come in handy if there is a tornado. We have some pretty great people we are working with and so I hope that i can learn the people and the are quick. That I think is always a little overwhelming. To have to learn everything new. But sister Snyder is great!! She is from California in the San Francisco area. We are co-senior companions which should be interesting. She is one transfer behind me which is fun. So far we have seen that we are pretty unified in the work. We have made some pretty great goals for this transfer and one of them includes learning the ukulele together! Someone left a ukulele and so we thought it would be fun to learn together. Mom and dad: i may have a new item to put on my Christmas list :) Anyway, I really love Sister Snyder. We are already really close and trying to find the balance in our work but its going really well. 

I will try and send a bunch of pictures this time. Love you all!!!!!

The St Louis skyline on our way to transfers
Sister Porter. We worked at hobby lobby together!
Tanya Montgomery is in the middle. She is the one who said "I'm ready to get baptized" once she heard elder Bednar speak. The elders are the ones who will be teacher her now. Elder Jamile and Elder Kakiva (they are from Hawaii)
Pretty crazy storms while driving
Sister Snyder playing the uke
The skills of Sister Snyder
Me playing the uke
Some places look like a jungle here
my family!!!! what a fun time to be able to see them and to talk with them! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Nordstrom trying to play the cello

Minnie Pearson. One of my FAVORITE investigators EVER!!
Ananyee and her daughter Ananalea
Brother and Sister Allan the best ward mission leader EVER

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