Monday, January 4, 2016

The Book of Sister Snyder

The Book of Sister Snyder
The account of Tuesdayincluding Sisters Madsen and Snyder overcoming adversity within the work of salvation. A "haha" to their superiors. Their many travels in the wilderness along the borders of the ward.  They repent of their wrong-doings and have the Spirit of the Lord to be with them alway.

In the morning of the third day of the sixth month in the two-thousand fifteenth year since the coming of the Messiah among the children of men, Sister Snyder prepared yet again, for, what they prayed would be, a miraculous day.
2)There was much strife among the servants of the Lord, for they feared the wrath of the Chief Judge(He who is referred to as President Morgan) would come upon them if they drove their chariot more miles than was given them.
3)Behold, they feared God more than man but they knowing that the Judge was a man of God, they called the wife of their superior(Bishop's wife) for a ride in her chariot, in hopes that they might still travel to their appointment, without breaking the commandments that the Lord had given to them. #runonsentences
4)Their request was granted and they traveled many miles to reach their appointment. Twas a wonderful meeting of saints and they soon left, their schedules not having sufficient time to tarry longer. 
5)Many disappointments were made known unto the servants of the Lord as they listened to their superior's wife. For she knew not the meaning of their calling and would that they might do the work of the Lord without the help of those under covenant since their baptism in the name of their Lord and their Savior(the members of the ward).
6)Behold the Sisters were angered at her words and desired that they might tell her off. But, having the Spirit of the Lord within them, they knew they could not. For, the workers of iniquity could not have the Spirit to be with them, therefore, knowing of the wickedness that accompanied such feelings was of the devil, they would not transgress the laws of the Lord, that they might have the Spirit to be with them.
7) And it came to pass that their superior's wife had thus forgotten to renew her license plates and was therefore, pulled over to answer the ends of the law. 
8)The Sisters, working to overcome their feelings of resentment, tried within themselves with all their might to have charity. They knew that she was a woman of God as well and that she had not yet been brought to the knowledge of their calling. 
9) And they snickered within themselves with thoughts of karma. And they would that they might, at some future time, bring her to the knowledge of their calling. For this is of great importance to the Lord, their God. 
10) Behold they repented of their snickering, and retained the companionship of the Holy Ghost. 
11) The servants of the Lord gave thanks unto their superior's wife and hoped that she might continue to be their sister in the Lord. 

...To be continued..