Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 32

What a week of miracles! It has been great! We did some service for one of our neighbors this week. She has met with missionaries in the past and we hope to pick her back up as an investigators soon. We went over and helped her clean and organize one of her closets. it was fun but we were so tired afterward. Her name is Rose and she is so sweet. Every time we leave she stands on her porch and watches us walk home so that we can be safe.

We had a wonderful lessons with the Donner family. Lisa is the mom and her daughter Gracie is 9 years old. We read the introduction to the Book of Mormon with them and they understood it well. They accepted an invitation to be baptized! Gracie talked about how she has wanted to go to church and be baptized! She is such a great example to her family!!! How I love them and I have only been here a week. We went back a couple days later to go over a baptismal calendar with them and they were totally on board. We taught them the plan of salvation with a cool visual aid and Gracie had some awesome questions. She had a friend over and her name was Bri. She is 11 years old and she listened quietly on the lesson and by the end, she asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon!!! I loved how this young girl recognized the spirit and was brave enough to ask for a book! We told her that we can teach her if she asks permission from her parents. i hope that she does. :)

We had ZLT this week too (Zone Leader training). They wanted us to prepared to be stronger and more reliable missionaries because in the next few transfers there will be a LOT of new missionaries coming in. I am so glad that our numbers will be picking back up again. the huge wave of missionaries have gone home so it has been sad to see only 1 or 2 missionaries come in each transfer but over the next few months, there will be a need for nearly 45 missionaries to train the new ones. I have no idea if I will be chosen to train but i hope that i can prepare myself if the need arises. 

Sunday was a spirit-filled day!!!! We were praying SO hard for Lisa and Gracie to come to church and THEY DID!!!!!!!! I was so happy. I think this is the first time on my mission that true investigators who have a baptismal date have come to church. it was so wonderful but so exhausting at the same time. it is like watching a baby with their every step. You have to make sure the understand all that is going on and answer their questions and listen at the same time while making sure that they meet members and everything else. When sister Snyder and i got in the car afterwards we just sat for a moment to breathe. Haha but it was wonderful. 

Sunday night we went to visit a less active family who have a daughter who is around the age to be baptized. We called them earlier in the week and it sounded like they wanted us to teach their daughter because they want her to get baptized. But they even invited their neighbor to some take the lessons too!! We went over the restoration and it was great. Who knew that we would pick up a new investigator from a less active family who invited their neighbor to meet us?? Miracles!!!! it goes to show that we can't do all the finding on our own. We need the help of members to find and fellowship their friends. 

thanks everyone for the love and support!!! Love you all!!!!!!!

"Heavenly Father can't create His masterpiece without the color of YOU"

Snapping turtle on the side of the road upside down

Some members of our ward got baptized on Saturday. It was nice to see that their father got to baptize them.
THE ALLANS!!! This family was in my previous area. I love them. I didn't have these pictures to send you so they are late.
Sister Hayden and I on exchanges. It was windy!

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