Monday, December 29, 2014

Week Eight!

Not much has gone on this week. It seems like it has gone by so fast. We are finding more people here and there, but things still fall through with appointments. It seems like we have been the clean-up crew for this area. We have found multiple people who have fallen through the cracks. One lady who was one our Less active list said that she wasn't even a member. She said that multiple missionaries have come to her door in the past, but that she thinks her name but be mistaken for someone else. Crazy right? We thought she was a member but it turns out that she is a potential investigator. Another man we found said that he doesn't even remember if he was baptized or not. He didn't know who we were or where we were from. We told him that we had records saying he was a member but he doesn't even know. Hopefully we will figure it out and be able to bring him back to church. There are so many little things that we have been able to fix when it comes to the records. We fix wrong numbers, wrong addresses and find those who have fallen through the cracks. It's kind of sad to think that there are so many things that need fixing. I hope that even though our efforts don't show in our numbers at the end of the day, that we will at least be able to see the efforts of fixing the records we have.

I love the new Christmas Initiative that we have been implementing in our work. I have found that it is easier to talk to people when you just want to talk about the true meaning of Christmas. I feel like people are more willing to talk if it is related to Christmas. I feel like I have also been able to get over my fear of talking to people. It is surprising to find who will listen to us. We approach so many different kinds of people that you just can't judge them based of how they look. We need to share this gospel with EVERYONE. If you haven't seen the new video watch it at

Thanksgiving was great and we were able to spend it with members in the ward. We had wonderful food and we played a few games. Thanksgiving has made me realize how much this mission means to me. Everyday I am learning more about myself and I feel like I am coming closer to the Lord. I am so grateful because I know the blessings I have received now will not compare to the blessings that I will see in years to come.

Alma 26:3 - And this is the blessing which hath been bestowed upon us, that we have been made instruments in the hands of God to bring about this great work.

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