Friday, March 20, 2015

Week 19

This week has been a little slower but it is to be expected with the wonderful week we had last time. On Tuesday we were able to go to the family history center and help a non-member start their own family history. I think it was a great way to introduce someone to the gospel. It was a really positive experience. We also taught Virginia, one of the recent converts. We are going through the recent convert lessons, and today, it was about the Priesthood, relief Society and callings. We watched one of the church videos called "Only a Stonecutter". It was a great video. We thought it would be good too because in the video the main character has one foot and Virginia only has one foot too. :)It was a great lesson filled with the spirit. Later that day we had Jamie, one of the Laurels, come out with us. She is thinking about going on a mission. We decided to go tracting and we ended up meeting a man who let us in and we taught the whole entire Restoration. It was really cool. He pretty much told his whole life story and about how God has been a huge part throughout the things he has gone through. It was incredible the things that he has been through to get to where he is. He was hesitant with out message but he was willing to let us back. I hope that his heart will continue to be prepared when we go back.

 It seems like when people look at our black tag, they don't see our name with the Savior's name. To some, it says, "Tell me your whole life story and all the things you have done in your life." it is kind of crazy the things we know about people simply because we are missionaries. As a normal person, there would be no way to know those things, but having that black tag opens people up.

Wednesday, we taught Tommy! it was really cool. He is well versed in other religions and has even read the Koran. he was open to what we had to say but of course is skeptical. We were able to go through the whole Restoration and invited him to be baptized if he learned for himself if these things were true. He said that it would take some serious study, but he did say that IF he really did believe the Book of Mormon was true, then he would get baptized. he told us that when we knocked on his door the first time, he had been praying about 30 minutes prior. I asked him what he had been praying for. he said that he was praying for strength and direction. I know that it was no coincidence that we knocked on his door minutes after his prayer. Unfortunately he didn't come to church like he said he would but I still have hope. I think that the people who are more skeptical and cautious are in the long run, more solid in committing to being baptized. Of course we always love and look for those who accept the gospel without question. But it is still amazing to be a part of a bigger and slower change like I hope Tommy will be. 

District Meeting was really great. My new district will be great. Sister Edgel and I are the only sisters now though. Our new Zone Leader is Elder Moore. He was my District leader in my last area so it seems funny that he is now my Zone Leader. Small world. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for District Lunch and it was kind of overwhelming. Their restaurants are lined with massive televisions around every wall. I wasn't a huge fan with the bombardment of worldly advertisement but we were able to meet a member who worked there. Her name is Gabby and she is thinking of serving a mission. we got her information and we hope to include her in future lessons. 

Saturday was filled with delivering Valentine's to people. We didn't have really any appointments which is not surprising since it was Valentine's Day. A couple days earlier we made a bunch of Valentine's with Joanna (The ward mission leader's daughter). She is a return missionary and has helped us so much  with lessons. We were able to make a bunch of Valentine's which gave us an excuse to see certain people that we normally don't see. 

We also had a coordination meeting with the Zone leaders and our ward mission Leader, Brother Allan. He is so awesome. Their whole family is the kindest people I have ever met. It seems like they are people who truly know what is means to consecrate their lives to the gospel. I love them. 

Sunday was great. I gave a talk on the importance of missionary work and the Atonement. After the first speakers were done, i was left with about 25 minutes to speak. i was super nervous but it all worked out. People came up to me afterward and thanked me for my talk. They said that i had this peaceful power when I spoke. I never really thought I talk like that but it was really nice to think that others were touched with what i say. I love the members. 

That night we went to visit a potential, Dashawnique (yes that is how you spell it). We knocked on her door a couple weeks ago and she was kind. The second time we found out that just a few hours prior, her sister had committed suicide. We have kept in touch since then and even Heart attacked their door (We cut a bunch of hearts out and wrote uplifting quotes and scriptures on them and then tapped them to their door). last night we were able to talk to them about the basics of the gospel and even the Book of Mormon a little. It was really cool to look back and see the relationship of trust that we have been able to build with them by just being caring and reaching out to them in love. I hope that we get to really teach them in detail and who knows where it will go. :)

This week was wonderful and I an trying to stay warm. i love you ALL!!! I hope that you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. 

John 3:16 - For God so LOVED the world that He gave his only begotten Son.

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