Friday, March 20, 2015

Week 18

This week has been great!!! We got transfer calls on Saturday and Sister Edgel and I are staying together in Champaign! The way that transfers work is that each transfer is 6 weeks long and so every 6 weeks there is a possibility that we could be moved to a different area although it is unlikely. These next 6 weeks will be my 4th transfer and still my 2nd area. (My first was Sandy Creek in St. Louis). I was so happy to find that Sister Edgel and I were staying together because we lost 20 missionaries going home this transfer and so we only have 208 missionaries in the mission right now and it will continue to go down. The surge of missionaries when the changed the age limit is finally leveling out and so we are going to lose a lot of missionaries and not be getting very many in. 

It is also exciting that we are staying because we saw such a huge miracle just last night. We picked up 2 new investigators within and hour of each other!!!!!! WOW!!!! We met them both while tracting: Havier and Tommy. Havier is a student and he really wants to strengthen relationship with God. Tommy is  a little different. He grew up with many different religions in his life. He has studied SO many over the years and we suggested he go to and check it out. When we came back last night he said that we had started a little fire in him and he couldn't stop researching until he went to bed. Unfortunately he visited all the websites pertaining to Mormons, both the good and the bad. He learned about each extreme of our religion, but he is still very honest and desirous to learn more. We told him that instead of going to the internet for information he should go to the source (This is where we gave him a Book of Mormon :) ). He said he would read and he was to come to church and see what it is like. I'm sure that when we come again he will pound us with questions. He is very educated about religions but also respectful about different religions. I am so excited and nervous to teach him. I hope that things will turn out well. Before we left he said that the first day we met him, we was praying and about 20 minutes later we knocked on the door. I hope that he realizes that we were an answer to his prayer. :)

Another great moment was teaching Virginia. She is a recent convert who is preparing to go to the temple. We showed her the video: The Mountain of the Lord and she basically cried the whole time. It was so wonderful. I love her desire to follow this gospel. She is so strong. Her testimony and desire really strengthens my testimony of the divinity of this work and the blessings of this gospel. It is amazing that I have grown so much even in these past few months. Even if I don't end up seeing anyone get baptized, I will have strengthened my desire to embrace this gospel so much more, as well as my commitment to the glorious blessings that await those who live it. This gospel is the best!!!

ANother miracle we saw was on Monday. We decided to go to the mall because we had some gifts that we watned to exchange. I had some earrings to exchange and with the sale that was going on, I ended up getting three times the amount of jewelry for only 50 cents! Haha it was great. I went in intending to spend a little money but I only spent a little. So then we decided to go to Panera Bread for lunch and again, we didn't spend money. We walked in and couple walked up to us saying that they wanted to treat us for lunch. They made us buy the whole shebang. They even bought us a loaf of bread to take home. It is so wonderful to find those who make your day bright. 

So many miracles. SO much love. Heavenly Father IS watching over us and He knows what we desire. He is the greatest. This gospel is what will bring us joy.
free chair (from the email last week)

The sweet couple who bought us Panera Bread

Our District: me, Sister Edgel, Sister Webb, Sister Schwenke, Elder Rose (I went to high school with him), Elder Randall

Sister Edgel slipped and fell while there was freezing rain. This is the mark she left on the ground haha :)

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