Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 14- The Cold Comes

This week has been better. We are still trying to find. Teaching is hard when you have not one to teach. But we keep trying and we are trying to rely on the Lord and what He wants for this area. it has also gotten a lot colder. There are some nights where it gets close to 0 degrees. There are not many snow storms but I have heard that they do get ice storms. I am not looking forward to those.

We did meet with a less-active member, Sister Onanian. At first she didn't want any visits from the missionaries but we decided to go over anyway. And now she said that she really enjoys our company. I hope that we will continue to meet with her so that we can soften her heart and bring her back to church. She is a wonderful lady.
We have seen some miracles happen though. On Saturday, we had some appointments scheduled but the all calcelled in the morning so we decided to go spend some time on the border of our area since we don't go there too often. We decided to drop by Holly's apartment since we haven't heard anything from her in the past month. We knocked on her door and she was literally just moving back into her apartment for the next semester of school. It was perfect timing and she was happy to see us. She came to church the next day and we were able to pick her up as an investigator again. The Warmbrodts even invited us to their house for lunch and we watched the Resoration DVD with Holly at their house. And of course the lunch was amazing. If those appointments had not cancelled, we would have never gone out to that part of our area and found Holly again.
We went to the Cox's for dinner one night and we made homemade pizzas. they were so good and I put lots of mushrooms on mine :). Sister Cox is the Relief Society President and she is so great at cooking homemade food. She had taught me a lot. I have a few recipes from her that I am excited to take home with me.
I am also grateful for the Bradley Family. They had us over for dinner and invited one of their friends so that we might be able to teach him. It sounds like he wants to learn more so it will be great if we can pick him up this week.
This next week will be great and I am excited to spend my 21st Birthday in Missouri. I never thought that I would be in Missouri for my birthday but I know that it will be great. If you have sent anything this past week to the mission office, it may be held there. We will be having zone conference this week so they sometimes save the packages and give them out during the conference so it saves time and travel. Thank you for all your support. Love you!
D&C 64:33 "Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great."

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