Saturday, November 22, 2014

Week Five

I am sorry that this email will probably be pretty short. We had to schedule a lesson this morning which cut into our email time. I won't be able to send pictures or respond to very many emails. I am sorry. This may happen in the future again so I may be writing my emails around noon for a while. But our lesson this morning was AMAZING! We taught this lady named Carrie. She has blue hair and when we met her, she said that she would be the most open-minded person we would ever meet. She has some quirks but she is great. We talked about the Restoration and she was so interested and loved what our church was about. She has leaned so much about different religions but says that she can't find the church where she feels like she fits in. I think that she has been prepared for us. She accepted the invitation to be baptized and said that she really likes talking to us. Oh, it was so great. This past week almost all of our appointments fell through and we had nothing really to show for our efforts besides some tracting. So to have such a great lesson with Carrie was so wonderful. 

Yesterday was great. We were able to get a ride from a member (Sister Haefner). We ended up spending almost the whole day with her. She took us to church, went to the missionary correlation meeting (she is a ward missionary), she taught Relief Society, gave us a ride home and then invited us to come back for dinner. We had breakfast for dinner. I can't say how much I love the members of the ward. I cherish the feeling of being in a members home where I feel at home and I can feel the spirit. 

We also met with a family who is becoming more active in the church. The wife (Alicia) is a member but hasn't been active for a while. She recently got married to Sean who is not a member. I LOVE this family. They are so great. I know that Alicia wants her husband to start taking the missionary lessons but he is a little apprehensive because his family is scared about the Mormons. Both Alicia and Sean have had a pretty rough past life but I could tell that this was the happiest either of them have been in years. There was a great feeling of love between their patched-up family. We had dinner with them and had a bonfire in their backyard. In Missouri, many people burn the leaves that fall of the trees. Since there are so many leaves, it is just easier to burn them than to clean then all up I guess. It was great to spend time with them. I really feel hopeful for their family. 

We had a service opportunity this week. We went to a member's house to help her clean. She is an elderly woman who has lung problems so we helped her get rid of a lot of dust in her house. Even though it was simple work for us, she told us how grateful she was for the work we did because it would be so difficult for her to do it on her own. I did get a huge splinter underneath my fingernail though. I pulled it out and it is still a little sore. ouch. Oh well, I just hope that it doesn't get infected or anything. 

November 7th was my 1 month anniversary from coming into the mission field! Hooray! It seems like it has been forever but I know that it is going to go by so fast at the same time. 

Some funny things that I have learned about my companion is that she honks the horn a lot, but she does it accidentally. She will hit it when her hand is resting on the wheel or she has laid her head on the steering wheel and hit it. or sometimes she will accidentally hit it when she is turning. It's funny think of all the times she has honked the horn when she doesn't mean to. She is great though. We are becoming better friends and better teachers.

I love you ALL. Thank you for all the love and support. The spiritual thought for this week is Miracles in the Bible Dictionary. Read it, it's cool. Miracles are happen based on faith . If miracles cease it is because faith has ceased. Miracles are REAL no matter how small they seem to be.

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