Monday, October 20, 2014

Week Two!!

This week had been wonderful. It seems like we spend most of our time driving because our area is so big. We are constantly trying to find more people to add to our teaching pool. Each day is good, and productive. It doesn't show in our numbers but we are trying. Most of our efforts seem to go towards talking to less active members and previous potential investigators. There are some sad stories of people that we have met. I wish I could do more to help them than just to talk and visit. It made me think about how little we really do as missionaries. We are only the messengers. It is the spirit that converts and brings people back. It is the Lord's work. Not ours. I know that what I am doing is wonderful. But there are some situations where I really wish I could step in and physically help out some of these members who have fallen. It's hard when I know what they need but can't give it to them. Everyone still has their agency. We only invite them towards the gospel. It is up to them whether they will accept and act.
The members of our ward are wonderful. They are so nice and kind. Many of them have us over for dinner. This week we had three. Two of them were back to back and we ended up having the same exact meal at each house: taco soup and cornbread. haha I don't think they planned that, but it was funny. The third house we went to was gorgeous. They live on a farm on top of a hill. From each direction you can see endless hills covered in trees. It is so beautiful. They fed us home-made brats and twice-baked potatoes. Yum. Then they took us to Dairy Queen for ice cream. :)

Sunday was nice. It was the second time I went to church here and I am starting to recognize people. We had a Linger Longer after church where everyone brought food and dessert. It was yummy.

A lot of the appointments that we set up are falling through which is frustrating but we also have many set up in the next week. Hopefully we will start to see our progress in numbers. My companion and I decided to nickname our area the sleeping giant. It has so much potential and we are putting forth a lot of effort but we still haven't seen the blessings of our efforts just yet. We will keep trying and one day we will wake this giant up. We will do it!!!!

D&C 6:37 Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not. 

The endless hills of tress are so pretty.

These were called the Stonehenge estates. They had this at the entrance to the neighborhood. How cool

We pass by this pretty barn a lot on our way to Hillsboro.

Oreo Cows!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes they exist. There were about 20 of them. All were black with a white stripe down their middle.

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