Tuesday, September 30, 2014

First P-Day

I made  it through the week! I survived! It was a crazy frist day, but I felt very comforted and welcomed. Ever since that moment, it has been non stop! I don't have any time to even think. We are either in class, studying or walking to our next destination. I am living at the MTC in 17M. We can see the BYU bells from our window and we can see the 'Y' from our classroom window. Our whole district is going to Missouri. How cool is that? I love my companions! They are Sister Adams from Taylorsville Utah and Sister Fisher from Alberta Canada. They are so sweet. I found out that Sister Adams is a huge fan of Doctor Who and Sister Fisher is a huge fan of the Shaytards. :) The food is great and super yummy. My teachers are also wonderful. Sister Manwill and Brother Gigena. They really look out for us and I always feel the spirit when they teach. I also love my branch presidency to death. President Towsey, Brother Briscoe, and Brother Gilbert. We had a testimony meeting with them, their wives and our whole zone. Sister Gilbert was so interested in what we had to say and she was so sweet and responded to each testimony.

Our first night was really cool. We went into a huge room with about 300 missionaries. There was an investigator in the front of the room. (they later told us that some of them were return missionaries that were portraying one of their own investigators from their mission and some were real investigators) We had two missionaries walk into the investigator's "house" and we got to see what it would be like to walk in and introduce outselves as missionaries. After the missionaries stsrted off, they left and then turned to the audience to talk to the investigator. We could raise our hand and try to answer their questions and when someone was stuck, someone else would raise their hand and continue the conversation. So it became a mass lesson taught by 300 missionaries to one person. I couldn't believe how cool it was. I don't know how well i am explaining it but i hope that it made sense. 

Our companionship was given and investogator to teach on the thrid day! The third day we were actually teaching someone. I was super nervous and we definitely werent perfect but it was a great experience. His name is Shawn. We got to teach him the next day too and I really hope that he reads what we gave him to read. I think he is accepting it really well. It's crazy how fast you feel love for an investigator when you barely know them. We get to teach him again on tuesday. Hopefully all will go well. We are also gaining a new investigator today. fingers crossed we will do well. 

There is so much to say that I don't even know where to go next. I feel tired. I feel exhausted. But it is a good exhaustion. Every single day is filled to the brim from 6:30am to 10:30pmwith no real personal time. My companions and I became Sister Training Leaders yesterday which means more assignments and meetings. But it will be good. We get to help some of the new elders and sisters who will be coming in on Wednesday. I hope they like us. Today we got to go to the temple as a destrict. It was really neat. I really felt the spirit and a confirmation that what i have been doing is right. It is hard work but worth the lack of sleep. 

Our departure to St. Louis will be on October 7th. We have to be to the travel offive 4:35 am! Ahhhh!!!! I am going to be so tired. Just one week left and we will be out of the MTC. I can't believe how fast it has already gone. Days seem to blurr together. I feel like I have also grown immensly. I am praying, and studying, and walking  more than I ever had. But it is all good. I love the sense of unity that I feel here. Especially when we sing 'called to serve' all together. I had a lot of doubt in myself before I came but that doubt is gone now that im surrounded by hundreds of people here for the same purpose. This work is REAL and this is what life is about: forgetting yourself and striving to lift someone else up. The last week i have been trying to live by the words that the first couselor of my branch said: Growth is falling forward. to me this means that we will make a lot of mistakes. and that's ok. As long as we are going forward with a positive attitude and effort we will grow. Growth will come with mistakes and positive efforts.  I'm sorry if this email is patched together and hard to understand. It may not be in chronological order but just know that I'm doing well and I feel safe here.

 as a side note, I think that I gave some of you my wrong email. It is laurenm@myldsmail.net. Sorry if I gave it to you wrong. Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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